When the home was donated by the Boettcher Foundation in 1959, it included Claude and Edna Boettcher's extensive personal collection of hand-crafted furniture, fine art, and valuable collectibles gathered from their extensive travels around the world. The Fund provides curatorial oversight for this approximately 1,500 piece collection, with ongoing work to conduct additional original research about the pieces and their historical relevance and stories. From the cut-glass chandelier that once hung in the White House during the Grant administration, to the Steinway grand piano played by notables such as Liberace and John Denver, to the French Louis XIV styled tulip wood cylinders desk, each piece is a treasure worth preserving for the people of Colorado.

That’s where the Colorado Chapter of Questers, Inc. stepped in. An international organization that focuses on the restoration, preservation and study of antiques, over the years the Colorado Questers have generously donated for the restoration of the Collection and the home and gardens. During the Romer administration they helped to restore the broken upper dish of the lovely goddess of the harvest fountain in the South Terrace Garden that had cracked due to the weight of a severe snowfall.  In 2011, they restored the superb Gobelin tapestries of the "seasons" series depicting autumn and winter that hang in the Residence’s elegant Drawing Room.  Literally hanging in tatters, these exquisite works of art have new lives thanks to the Colorado Questers.

In 2012 the Fund is working to restore the very large French tapestry gracing the Residence Grand Hallway which must be mounted and repaired in a specialized workshop in Turkey. The Questers have again stepped forward to contribute a portion towards the total cost of this restoration work. We offer our sincere thanks and recognition to an amazing Colorado organization from “Colorado’s Home”.

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