Why do we need the Governor’s Residence Preservation Fund?

While the Residence is state-owned and state tax dollars cover basic health and safety repairs at the Residence, there is no state budget for the long-term preservation, protection, and restoration of Colorado's Home. Nor is funding provided for public programming or the curation of the home's collection with its many treasures.

How was preservation supported prior to the creation of the Fund?

Throughout the years many First Families worked to maintain and restore the splendor of the mansion, carriage house and gardens. One of the most extensive preservation efforts was undertaken by former First Lady Frances Owens who raised millions of dollars in private funds to restore the home’s stunning interior and gardens, and to save the handsome Carriage House from demolition.

Upon taking office, former First Lady Jeannie Ritter realized the need for a “friends of” nonprofit organization that would assume this vital role, and the Governor’s Residence Preservation Fund was born. The significance of the initiative was recognized by the Colorado Tourism Office in 2008 when it gave the Chairman’s Award to Mrs. Ritter for her work to “open the doors” to Colorado’s Home.

Why is it called Colorado's Home?

The Governor's Residence at the Boettcher Mansion belongs to the people of Colorado as one of the finest symbols of our state civic heritage. Serving its iconic role as Colorado's White House, we have opened the doors and invite you to Come Home, Colorado, to explore and enjoy this exquisite treasure that belongs to you!

Have the First Families had pets?

Over the sixty years that the Residence has been home to the Governor and First Family, many pets have been welcomed.  The Owens' family had a beautiful sporting dog who ran like the wind through the gardens.  The Ritter's had pet 'visitors' throughout their stay at the Residence and a permanent member of the family, "Dude" the turtle. 

Did the Governor's live here once it was the Executive Residence?

Governor Stephen McNichols and his family were the first to live here.  Governor McNichols accepted the home for the state of Colorado from the Boettcher Foundation.  The legislature was opposed to accepting the home, perhaps because of the cost of maintainence or perhaps because they did not want the Governor living in luxury.

Every Governor since 1960 has lived here at some time interval.


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