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A new ornament design is added to the series each year. All of the ornaments in the series are made in the USA of the finest quality brass, screen-printed in exquisite colors, and hand finished in sparkling 24-karat gold. Each high quality piece comes in a gift box with a hot-stamp of the image of the ornament.  Created by Whitney Designs, Inc. of Denver.


State China Collectible Ornament 
5th In Series
"State China Ornament"  Finished with 24-karat gold and platinum, it is an exact replica of Colorado's State China with our state flower, the beautiful blue columbine.  It is a perfect compliment to the 4 existing ornaments. 

$30.00 each
$7.00 shipping


Fireplace & Mantel Collectible Ornament
4th In Series
"Drawing Room Reflections" This exquisite fireplace resides in the home's most formal room, sight of Gladys Cheesman's wedding, the first social event in the Residence. Look how it shows off the Cheesman clock (the only piece remaining from the Cheesman family time) and reflects the White House chandelier.  

$30.00 each

$7.00 Shipping

Garden & Mansion Collectible Ornament
3rd In Series

"Governor's Gardens" Designed by First Lady Jeannie Ritter. The gardens were lovingly rehabilitated by Mrs. Owens. Mrs. Ritter found inspiration in welcoming the people of Colorado to this beautiful space. 

$30.00 each
$7.00 Shipping

Chandelier Collectible Ornament
2nd In Series
"White House Chandelier" Designed by First Lady Jeannie Ritter. Mrs. Ritter, founder of the GRPF, chose the chandelier as a symbol of "Colorado's Home" and her work to open the home to the people of Colorado. 

$30.00 each

$7.00 Shipping



Boettcher Mansion Collectible Ornament
1st In Series
"Centennial Ornament" Designed by First Lady Frances Owens. Capturing the grand entrance of the house, it celebrates the home's 100th birthday and Mrs. Owens' celebrated preservation work of the Residence. 

$30.00 each

$7.00 Shipping

Ornament Collection of all 5 editions
(State China not pictured).

$150.00 each

$30.00 Shipping


Queen of the Hill Commemorative Book
$5.00 each

$2.00 Shipping