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Boettcher Mansion  - $35.00 

"Centennial Ornament" Designed by First Lady Frances Owens. Capturing the grand entrance of the house, it celebrates the home's 100th birthday and Mrs. Owens' celebrated preservation work of the Residence.


White House Chandelier  - $35.00 

"White House Chandelier" Designed by First Lady Jeannie Ritter. Mrs. Ritter, founder of the GRPF, chose the chandelier as a symbol of "Colorado's Home" and her work to open the home to the people of Colorado.


Fireplace and Mantel Ornament - $35.00 

"Drawing Room Reflections" This exquisite fireplace resides in the home's most formal room, sight of Gladys Cheesman's wedding, the first social event in the Residence. Look how it shows off the Cheesman clock (the only piece remaining from the Cheesman family time) and reflects the White House chandelier.


Governor's Garden - $35.00 

"Governor's Gardens" Designed by First Lady Jeannie Ritter. The gardens were lovingly rehabilitated by Mrs. Owens. Mrs. Ritter found inspiration in welcoming the people of Colorado to this beautiful space.


State China Ornament  - $35.00 

"State China Ornament" Finished with 24-karat gold and platinum, it is an exact replica of Colorado's State China with our state flower, the beautiful blue columbine. It is a perfect compliment to the 4 existing ornaments. 

Claudes Cutty Sark - $35.00 

This collectible ornament, featuring Claude’s Cutty Sark, is made in the USA from solid brass and finished in sparkling 24-carat gold.


Garden Gazebo - $35.00 

Seventh in the series the 2015 ornament celebrates the restoration of the historic garden gazebo in the East Lawn of the Governor's Residence at the Boettcher Mansion.


Governor's Library/Millennial Tree - $35.00

Claude Boettcher’s study of design and the decorative arts is perhaps most evident in the stately library. In 1927, Mr. Boettcher had this room paneled with quarter sawn white oak and stained a warm golden tone. In deference to the home’s original craft, the ribbon and swag wood moldings used on the paneling mirror the original ceiling moldings. With his keen eye for design Mr. Boettcher was bothered that the library fireplace wasn’t centered and paid to have it moved a few inches and a new rose marble surround was added (this is also the marble you’ll see at the Capitol).

 The library provides a warm and inviting space to sit and enjoy the lovely view of the Millennium Tree just beyond the leaded glass doors. The Governor’s Mansion Millennium Tree, planted to celebrate the turn of the century, was a seedling from a 65’ Blue Spruce growing in Pike National Forest that was later cut and transported by a nine-vehicle caravan along the Santa Fe Trail and along I-70 to Washington D.C. to be lit on the west lawn of the U.S. Capitol for the 2000 holiday season.  The seedling, now over 25’ is lit for Coloradoans to enjoy for many holidays to come.


Wishing Well - $35.00

Few changes were made to the elegant mansion on Eighth Avenue when Claude and Edna Boettcher purchased it other than redecorating and refurnishing. The main architectural alteration was the enlargement of the room known as the Palm Room in 1926, to provide a place for entertaining at the Governor's Residence.  Included in the addition was a half-moon shaped room to the right which was filled with palms and other tropical plants to accentuate its beautiful white marble. In the center of the sunken room is a historic century old white marble wellhead which came from Florence, Italy with cherub and floral garland motifs in haut relief under a bronzed metal arched trellis with a jardiniere bucket. It took the Boettchers five years of historical research and negotiation to get it to America. The Mansion Wishing Well is encircled by lovely patterned terrazzo flooring in shades of pastel green and rose.

Visitors to the Mansion delight in many extraordinary objects and pieces of art throughout the home that the Boettchers acquired but the Wishing Well is often mentioned as a highlight by guests to the Mansion. 

10th Anniversary - Grand Portico (photo coming soon)- $35.00

When the Boettcher Foundation first offered the gift of the ornate 26,000 square foot Boettcher home for Colorado’s Executive Residence, the state legislature refused.  The home was scheduled for demolition until Governor Stephen McNichols accepted the gift to Colorado in 1959.  Notable visitors and distinguished guests have included U.S. Presidents, foreign princes, dignitaries, celebrities, and performers.

Over the years, the Residence has become known as “Colorado’s Home” and is treasured for its historic opulence and grandeur.

In 2008, the Governor’s Residence Preservation Fund was established to preserve the historic Governor's Residence at the Boettcher Mansion and open its doors to Coloradoans. Since then, over 100,000 people have visited the Residence for public tours, cultural arts and heritage celebrations, and state industry events. This ornament commemorates the rich history of the Residence and the 10th Anniversary of the Governor’s Residence Preservation Fund. 



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Queen Of The Hill  - $5.00 




History Colorado Cookbook  - $20.00