Throughout the years many first families worked to maintain and restore the splendor of the Residence and its grounds. One of the most extensive preservation efforts was undertaken by former First Lady Frances Owens who raised millions of dollars in private funds to restore the home’s stunning interior, enhance the exquisite gardens and to save the handsome Carriage House and Green House structure from demolition while adding the elegant Boettcher Cabinet Room.

In 1959 the state legislature turned down the Boettcher Foundation when it offered the mansion as Colorado’s Executive Residence.  The reason?  Expense.  Days before the home was slated for demolition, then Governor Stephen McNichols accepted the house – and the rest is history.

Today the Governor's Residence at the Beottcher Mansion is a treasure that stands as one of our finest symbols for Colorado's state civic heritage.

The Governor’s Residence Preservation Fund was founded in 2008 to lead the continued preservation and stewardship of Colorado's Home. Our goal is to preserve the Governor’s Residence at the Boettcher Mansion as a splendid showcase of the state’s cultural and civic heritage and as a place for the people of Colorado to visit and enjoy.

Our Preservation Areas

Buildings & Architecture

In 2010 an Historic Structure Assessment was prepared by preservation specialists to outline over one million dollars in critical repairs needed to maintain the integrity and structural soundness of the Residence. 

In 2012 the Fund received a grant from the State Historic Fund to begin Phase One of this work, which repaired the crumbling exterior wall and grand entry gate, the badly damaged Carriage House dormer windows and re-grading work needed to preserve the integrity of the Mansion's foundation.

Other generous donors to this project include

BP America, Pioneer Sand and Gravel, Comcast, Xcel, United Airlines, El Paso Corporation, and Pinnacol Assurance.

Read more about the Fund's first Major Exterior Renovation Project.

We still have along way to go to reach our goal for these repairs.  Donate to the Fund now to support the preservation efforts of Colorado's Home.


Preserving the original Boettcher Collection of furniture, collectibles and fine art donated to the state in 1959. Read more about our Collections Preservation work.

Gardens & Landscape

Renewal and enhancement projects throughout the Residence grounds.

The Residence gardens feature many native Colorado plants, including our beloved roses. BuffaLoam volunteers each year to fertilize these roses in the South Terrace Gardens. The roses absolutely love and respond to the TLC!

Colorado Proud- BuffaLoam is 100% organic, all natural composted buffalo manure sourced solely from the Diamond Trail Ranch in northern Colorado.  The commitment to using "all parts" of the animal is the mission and goal, much like the native peoples who relied on all parts of the buffalo for their survival.

Colorado’s Home

Welcoming over 12,000 visitors through its charming doors annually, general aesthetic “wear and tear” replacements and enhancements for Colorado’s Home are frequently required.